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Danny Roybal

Denturist with a Heart.

With over three decades of experience in the dental field, my journey began in Grand Junction, CO, where my passion for crafting beautiful smiles ignited. Witnessing the joy and tears of my happy patients, I knew dentistry was not just a job for me, but a calling. Upon moving to Pueblo 25 years ago, I seized the opportunity to further my career and explore new horizons.

Portrait of Danny Roybal, a seasoned denturist with over thirty years of experience, showcasing his warm and professional demeanor. His dedication to patient care and craft is central to the clinic's success and has positively influenced the Pueblo community.
Photo of Danny Roybal, an experienced denturist with three decades of craftsmanship, standing proudly with his wife to the left and his daughter to the right, symbolizing the family-oriented service at Prestige Denture Clinic.

Prestige Denture Clinic

Throughout my tenure, I've had the privilege of serving in various dental offices until the momentous opportunity arrived to co-found Prestige Denture Clinic alongside my esteemed colleagues, Dr. Rogers and Dr. Bull. This venture has allowed me to blend my expertise with a personal touch, particularly as I welcomed my daughter, Shaundene, into the practice.

Cherishing Moments

Beyond the dental chair, I enjoy going on cruises with my beloved wife, getting my heart rate up at the gym, experimenting in the kitchen, navigating serene waters on our boat, and tending to my garden.

Heartfelt Bonds

Family and friends hold a special place in my heart, and many of my patients have become close companions over the years.

Photograph showing a tranquil scene of a lone canoe on calm lake waters surrounded by a lush forest, representing the personal hobbies and leisure activities of Danny Roybal who cherishes moments outside the clinic, including boating and nature exploration.
Overhead view of a cooking pot with whole green chili peppers and whole carrots, with chopped green chilies and carrot slices scattered on a wooden table. This image is used to represent a section titled 'The Recipe of Life,' highlighting Danny Roybal's personal passion for cooking and familial love.

The Recipe of Life

In the culinary realm, my passion for cooking has garnered recognition, earning me the esteemed title of Pueblo Green Chili King and a spot on Fox News. Accolades aside, my greatest treasures are my three beautiful daughters, and my grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Where Every Smile Begins

Join me in our journey at Prestige Denture Clinic, where crafting smiles is not just a profession, but a lifelong commitment to the well-being and happiness of our cherished patients.